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RAW 2021 Installation

medium design collective's

winter launch

milstein dome

sat dec 04

8pm to 12am

featuring THREAD, Cornell Fashion Collective, Maven, and CornellAppDev

Even with an extraordinarily limited scope, we might well perceive that the early 21st century is a time of unprecedented transformation, an era that bears witness to tectonic cultural shifts, extraordinary technological inno-vations, and revolutionary social movements. As designers creating in these remarkable times, we have a particular responsibility -- to create, reimagine, and record the milieu of our time.

This semester, we have elected to essay one particular aspect of our collective experience-- digital coexistence. More specifically, we will endeavour to explore the thousand and one ways in which we coexist with technology, and how it continues to affect every facet of our lives. In addi-tion, we hope to understand the ethical and philosophical implicature of this way of living, particularly as it relates to creative endeavours. After-all, what is a painting when it's in pixels? What is value when anything and everything can be replicated? What is authenticity when we can change the very fundamentals of who we are?

As you move through our creative efforts for this semester, we invite you to consider some of the questions posed above. Join us at our gallery open-ing celebrating the culmination of projects created by the Medium Design Collective this semester, also featuring Thread, Cornell Fashion Collective, Cornell AppDev, and Maven.

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