incubate projects.
Starting in Fall 2019, Medium is launching incubate projects. They are created by our incubate teams, groups of 3-5 who are looking to create things that solve a problem, bring new perspectives, or address a pressing gap. Projects follow the design process and are themed to address the topics of the creative direction of that year. These projects can be anything from creating an interactive exhibition that relates pulse with music therapy to a website of visualizations to inspire discussions about life.
Medium hosts a variety of design events during the academic year. These events can include design panels, design thinking activities in collaboration with other campus organizations, design hackathons and more. Our biggest event is RAW Expo, in which organizations and individuals showcase their design work and design process at the end of the year.
Medium Design Review is a magazine that is released at RAW Expo. The magazine aims to be a reflection of and dialogue on design work and design culture. The Design Review is a pulse of the design community both at Cornell, and in the design industry.
The web team is responsible for maintaining Medium’s site. Members of the web team learn how to build and deploy web apps in Python, as well as become proficient with Unix environments, version control, front end web development, and UI + UX design.
Throughout the semester, we host workshops that teach design skill development. Our Education team teaches Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign every year. In addition, the team hosts additional workshops, such as digital art, visual communication, and animation, depending on interest.