diversity and inclusion

what does diversity and inclusion mean to you?

" Lines represent differences,
and when we draw lines,
we are calling to attention exclusion."
This year Medium Design Collective is taking a deep dive into the topic of
diversity and inclusion.

What does diversity and inclusion mean to us as designers? How does it influence the way we understand topics such as accessibility, disability, bias, identity, and exclusion? How does this theme emerge in different fields such as tech, culture, and society?

Below are some articles that explores the idea of what it means to be diverse and inclusive.

"A friend once told me that diversity is inviting everyone to your party, and inclusivity is getting them to want to come and dance."

Diversity Vs. Inclusivity

Colton Poore
"Will we be able to discuss enhancing diversity AND inclusion simultaneously in our writing?"

Diversity and Inclusion, or Diversity VS Inclusion?

Mollie Zhang
"The Cocktail Lounge’s ... style is equivalent to that of a sheltered college freshman going to 20 O-week parties with their O-Week friends that they’re never going to talk to again."

Cocktail Lounge

Jennifer Lee

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