adobe events team
Our club is sponsored by Adobe and part of our sponsorship involves promoting and planning events that allow students to get to know more about Adobe's AMAZING line of software products. The events team will work with me to promote about 4 events per semester, collaborate with other clubs, and promote the brand's presence.
competition team
The Medium Competition Team will participate in various student design contests throughout the year. Schedule and participation is flexible based on competition deadlines but ideally the core team will work together to craft the best submission possible.
web project
This team will work on creating an installment on the medium website that visualizes and/or promotes design. There will be need for front and back end developers as well as designers to work on the UX and UI aspects.
editorial: utopia
An editorial project that will curate both external and internal submissions on the design, critique and speculation on the steps our society is taking to achieve utopia in the distant future. Topics for submissions can range from any aspect of society (Environment, government, economy, technology, ethics, etc), and form for submission can range from essays to fictional creations, critiques, creative writing, artworks, literary analyses, research, op-eds, etc. Potential sub project focused on destigmatizing mental health.
design tree
The Design Tree team will be creating an interactive pop-up that raises awareness about design. There will be a virtual and a physical element to this. The virtual element is a network graph of people where individuals can add drawings, music, etc. to their node and connect with others. The physical element would be a physical tree that moves around campus with design prompts as "leaves". An individual could then open up an app/website and answer the prompt on their node.