Lee Sean

Creative Director of Foossa

Yvette Sterbenk

Assistant Professor,
Strategic Communication,
Ithaca College

François Guimbretière

Assistant Professor,
Information Science,
Cornell University

Alvaro Alvarez

Architectual Designer
Rockwell Group

"Good Design comes from the successful synthesis of a solution that recognizes all the relevant constraints, and the nature of the constraints defines the difference between design disciplines."
Bill Moddrige, Designing Interactions
Now in its third iteration, discover how design is a way of thinking and problem solving that can be applied by any person to any field and any medium. Engage in dialogue with leading design professionals across iteration, user experience, design-thinking, architecture, about their approach and application of design across different mediums.
The first half of the event will feature a Q&A session, while the second half will feature a breakout session to foster more intimate conversation between attendees and panelists. Come curious, and prepare to be inspired!
Our goal is for the panel to be an informal dialogue between students and panelists. Share questions you want us to ask during the panel here!

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